Day 611 defending.

When I think that I get critique, normally as a automatic conscious reaction I apologize myself because I defend myself against the other person's arguments. 

I realize see and understand when I defend myself I give energy, pay attention to and accept the view of the person. I also realize see and understand that critique is a form of attention where I got used to. The act of defending myself symbolizes my need to justify my actions, beliefs and desires in my daily life. Perhaps actions where I stand for. 
Defending picture. 

Because I do not like to receive critique, this energy I am familiar with, I hate it. That I hate this energy is off course I react because I'm familiar with the experience and energy of hate. Otherwise I couldn't recognize and react as it. Because I got used too this accumulated energy of Hate. 

For instance in the moment When I receive a text message, I assign my meaning to the content of the message. A message I can assign the belief and energy at 'I'm getting a little reprimande'. 

A reprimande feels like Disapproval, guilt, as attack. When I think I get A reprimande, then I justify my belief and then I experience the energy of disapproval, fault, not good enough. Instead of not good enough I long for, I desire for approval and esteem. 

The correction as expected why I did not Acted as expected in my opinion. In my opinion Because the energy of my experience as my interpretation I connect at the text message. Without asking I never will know what the intention was from the messenger in the moment of sending the message. 

Defend myself defenition: Resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm, disapproval or danger. For example: "we shall defend our country, whatever the cost". When I receive a text message I defend my belief that I received a reprimand, which I experience as attack, why I decided to defend myself. 

I commit myself that I want Act differently, Patient, with patience I seek for What was supposed and expected to be behind the message. defending search for. 


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