Day 748 why not able to give like to receive.

Why are we not able to give as we would like to receive when we are all the same?

To give
Why do we actually experience desires that we also want to resist? The desire that as far as I suppose as concerned is the right thing? Why do I give myself allowance and think my opinion is better than yours? Why are we fighting each other through deviating equations? 

Because someone who deviates from the flock, with an obsession, with an addiction, with a negative belief about himself can become someone with a weak defense. Marketing and advertising make grateful use of this influencing step out of your obsession or bad habit mechanism. Don't act delusional any longer! 

You are a strong individual, you are worth it, are able to become rich or successful. 
Individual minded, rich successful Or different from the herd. The black sheep principle. 

The principle of scarcity projects on your Mind lies behind every marketing campaign. That you lack something. I'm flawed. I need some help or a product or Sex, Alcohol, chocolate, a holiday, new bigger car. 

I realize see and understand as a child I started thinking: 'I need and deserve to receive the best positive fulfillment'. To receive is what I need to give I thought. When I'm helpful I get Positive Attention, Love, Affection, Appreciation and Hugs. 

Received as accepted and allowed. 
Which was my motivation. This was that I experienced myself insecure, unwanted. I thought my legs were too thin. I have adopted an ideal image. 

I have subjected myself to this images. Objectives appeared in the background. Between the wings of my invisible mind. Once people acted differently than I had envisioned it made me insecure and more anxious. Because I was already insecure, I came up with such scenarios. 

Within my physical body and Beingness I accepted and allowed myself those scenarios. 

Thanks for reading!


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