Also, at this point in history we are crying because of a global crisis. We are yelling for Oneness and Equality because we walk separated from what's best for all life. Separation instead Sharing the given sources of life. There is also a need for Inclusivity. The inflection point is the word of today. Walk the road of INCLUSIVITY

    For the start it's good to see that there are two points, the Also points; the startingpoint of Oneness and Equality and the starting point of separation, come together into the focusing point, the inflection point. 



  1. We can either confront it for what it is and make it an inflection point in the arc of our nation’s history, or we can become complicit in the perpetuation of our disease because we refuse to admit we are ill. This time may be different. I pray that it is different.
    Von Miller, "'Help Me, I Can't Breathe.' NFL Star Von Miller on George Floyd, Racism, and Protests," Time, June 9, 2020
  2. I think we are at huge inflection point. We need not charitable solutions to structural problems but we need the type of change—and I believe that means that we change the rules.
    Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change, "Bear Witness, Take Action," YouTube, June 13, 2020


Inflection point, also point of inflection and flex point, originally, in the first half of the 18th century, was and still is today, was a mathematical term used in geometry and calculus, meaning “a point on a curve at which the curvature changes from convex to concave or vice versa.” 

This mathematical term gradually spread to other disciplines, such as engineering and economics, that use mathematics extensively. 

The second meaning of inflection point, “a critical point at which a major or decisive change takes place,” dates from about 2006 and appears to be the coinage of Andrew Grove (1936–2016), a Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, and author, and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry (Time magazine named him Man of the Year in 1997). Inflection is the usual American spelling, inflexion the usual British one. The Latin noun is inflexiō (inflectional stem inflexiōn-) “bending, curving,” a derivative of the verb inflectere “to bend, curve inward.”

The Equality and Oneness walk, Learn the tools how to change into the sharing-point, what's the best way to walk for All.


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