dinsdag, december 23, 2014

Dag 207 Sabotage

So what they Have - I havent - is my interpretation. I'm thinking - they have I havent - this way shows up things what people doing, but in real live, it's me, that what I see In them, showing up my inner scene, my inner-mind, my world connecting with, by seeing and reflecting myself in the outside world. 

The other one, or the situation is just my performer who makes my accepted and allowed assumtions and thinking visible - The things I accepted and allowed as true or as certain to happen, without proof in my physical reality. 

Thus Instead Blame myself, I say thanks that this realisation - person/situation donates me insights, opinions, assumptions, patterns, expectation or flight/fighting/freeze-responses as myself accepted and allowed. 

So I realize that The only thing I really see as in my outsides are donations of myself. Thus mine inside. So I Dont blame myself any longer as memory inside observation as inequality choices which I don't accept and allow myself any longer.

So thank you...outside world showing up my inner mind sabotage.

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