donderdag, oktober 30, 2014

Dag 184 Just stop Mindfuck.

check out and listen
This schoolyear I start my education. At school during the lessons about psychology we learn that children learn from there parents and that children should explore there own worlds. By showing them what we learned from our parents actually is wat we created and give is actually the same minds we allowed. 

So our teacher told us, standing on the table in the classroom that children should and must explore there own world and learn like individual by experience Self. 

So by doing they explore own skills within their unconditional self-expression and build skilful by falling and stand up again playing in their safe environment. 

A safe place where the parents asks question about their daily journey. And by listening at their needs behind this question.

What parents should do is asked the questions they mist in the past communicating with there parents. 

Missed in their own compulsive Pavlovian conditioned observations, screaming spoiled creatures unleash their frustrations on each other in front of their children. 

Is this what we wants was the question from the teacher looking down at us from his platform table which on he was dancing now with a big smile on his face. 

His message: 

Listen to the needs of yourself that you missed. Be sincere and patient with yourself. Listen and forgive your mind. Forgive yourself. And your parents. 

They learned from their parents. What I, and they accepted and allow them selves. I am happy that I met my partner. She is more and more patient with me. She listens. Walks here promises. 

Also Appeals me and herself on our arrangements. Buys good food. Give me great kisses. I'm glad she examines her mind. I am grateful that we walk together.

I forgive myself that I allowed myself and have accepted the idea and thought that I accepted blame others by thinking that what's in my mind is best for all. 

I forgive myself that I allowed myself and have accepted the idea and thought that I accepted my oppinion speaks about others as blame words is my judgement.

I allowe myself that I'm responsible for my own mindfuck. 

Thank you.....

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